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MIHARI's friends (Naman’i MIHARI in Malagasy, Amis de MIHARI in french) are individuals from diverse background and wishing to bring their knowledge and expertise to the benefit of the network's missions, and to the LMMA communities as well. These people show a strong interest in the sustainable management of marine and coastal resources in Madagascar by local communities and wish to make a change for these communities.

The members of MIHARI’s friends, by integrating this group, will have the opportunity to:

  • Participate to private events, meetings and/or webinars organized by the network that aims to facilitate the discussions and initiatives which would support MIHARI, as well as reinforcing networking between diverse stakeholders;
  • Provide their expertise and engage in discussions on various topics related to sustainable management of marine resources by local communities;
  • Integrate the MIHARI technical committees, which aims to discuss the great challenges (common on punctual) relating to LMMA management and governance, according to the needs and the topics that will be addressed (for more informations about the technical committees, click here);
  • Have the latest updates concerning the news and the activities of the network.
  • Do you want to support LMMA communities and promote local and sustainable management of marine and coastal resources?
  • Are you interested and willing to share your experiences, knowledge and expertise with like- minded individuals?
  • Do you have internet access and are you familiar with using online tools?
  • Do you want to network with other leaders, professionals and experts working in the sustainable management of marine and coastal resources by local communities?
  • Would you like to take part in participatory online and local events with other members?