Fijian support strengthens community-led marine conservation in Madagascar


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For the first time, participants in the national MIHARI forum were joined by visitors from the International LMMA Network, headquartered in Suva, Fiji. The Pacific region, the birthplace of the LMMA concept has been a source of inspiration for the LMMA movement in Madagascar. Alifereti Tawake, a community leader from Fiji, who sits on the LMMA Network, council shared with MIHARI members his experiences and lessons learned in building a successful network. Hugh Govan drew on the network’s experience in a range of countries to provide important contributions on promoting local management in national policy and legislation in Madagascar to secure the rights of traditional fishers.

Alifereti Tawake said: “Meeting Madagascar’s LMMA leaders has been fascinating for us. Fijian communities face many of the same challenges as Malagasy fishing communities. We hope that by building links with the LMMA communities in Madagascar and sharing what we have learned, we can help them overcome these by building a strong network with communities at its heart.”